Brilliant Tech Interviews – Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Groupon

One of the world’s best interview shows, Charlie Rose has on it’s website a section dedicated to technology. It features amazing interviews with Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and many others. These are great for a developer or anyone with an interest in business or technology.

Did you know that Twitter was actually developed over two weeks in 2000, but the owner did not want to release it then because of limitations in SMS technology? Did you know that China, during it’s negotiations with Google insisted that Google filter out anti-communist websites for searches done outside of China. Did you know that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who had to temporarily leave the company at the age of 30 due to cancer treatment, had Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer conspiring behind his back to dilute his share of the company? This and other great tidbits are included. Link is below.

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