DVD Review: HTML5 Now by Tantek Çelik

The “next big thing” in web development HTML5 has many great features and the first wave of education material has arrived.  There are almost a dozen books, but only one video so far, Tantek Çelik’s 2 and a half hour video.

I recently viewed it and it was good but not great.  Almost the first 30 minutes is a discussion on the history of web development, HTML and XHTML.  Also, most of the video is of Tantek sitting behind his desk talking to the camera.  I would much rather see the code he is talking about or even the points he is making in slideshow format.

A great point about this video is that it comes with a 95 page pdf book outlining all the main points for HTML5.  There is also a 40 page booklet attached to the DVD.

Overall, I give the video 7.5/10.  It is not too expensive, so if you have £20-30 pounds to spare, it can be an easy way to learn about HTML5 without breaking the bank.

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