Integrating E-commerce Into an Existing Website in .net

There are some products that will allow you integrate e-commerce into your exiting .net site, without you having to redevelop it all over from scratch.  These are great plug and play products that require minimal code.  These are listed by price range and all are .net compatible.


W3 Shopping Cart  This provides unlimited Products and Categories for only $25 USD.

  • includes a back-office management product system
  • simply requires their small set HTML code to be added for a product to be sellable on a web page.
  • Works with PayPal, and other major payment processors to allow PCI compliance
  • Their example websites using this product are unimpressive however.

Medium Cost  This shopping cart has a long list of small to medium sized customers.

  • Simply requires a few lines of HTML for a product to be sellable on a web page.
  • A long set of instructional videos for developers and content editors are on their website
  • Cost depends on how you run your site already.  Do you already have a website, have your own web server or need a website.  See (Shop Site) for details.
  • Same features listed above for W3 Shopping Cart


Easy Web Store This has a long list of blue-chip customers with modern websites including Baskin Robins and Schwartz.  Their Silver e-commerce package costs £900 per year, so your better have a high volume of sales to cover their prices.

They have every feature you could imagine and with a slick attractive interface.

.net e-commerce website development from scratch

There are many great products that will allow you to develop an e-commerce website from scratch.  NopCommerce is in my opinon, the best .net shopping cart for developers.  The product is coded well, is open source so you can add your brilliant touches to your personal version and has more features that you can imagine.  All fully configurable.

However, if you have an existing website that you want to add e-commerce functionality to, nopCommerce is of limited benefit.  You can try to tweak it, but you trying to use it for something it’s not meant to do.

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