Home PC Use – Productivity Tip

At work, it’s basically easy to get down to business without many distractions.  You don’t have a TV nearby or a kitchen full of snacks a short walk away.  You also can’t spend 20 minutes surfing YouTube and have it mean nothing.

For me, doing personal side projects or personal business at home is infinitely more distracting.  For me, my biggest time stealer is YouTube.  I have researched and tried a few things to help me be productive and what works best for me is below.

Get a timer.  A cooking timer is easiest to use.  Set it to 30 to 50 minutes, depending on how energetic you feel.  Give yourself 5-10 minutes to surf the net however you want.  Sports, YouTube, Twitter, email, anything.  After your 5-10 minutes are up, start your timer and do only the work you plan to do with absolutely no interruptions for anything.

After your allocated time is up, you are usually on a roll with a sharpened and focused mind.  Take another 5-10 minute break to relax and do anything you want.  Walk around the house a bit to get the circulation your body flowing.  Set the timer again and repeat as desired.

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