LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

I recently had the good fortune of attending a great presentation on LinkedIn with JCI Southampton.  I wasn’t expecting to learn many new things, but was pleasantly surprised.  A few of the main tidbits are below.

  • Have a goal.  Jobseeking (present or future), headhunting or getting new customers are the most common purposes.  If you don’t have a goal, it turns into a guilt free Facebook and a crippling time stealer.
  • Recommendations – consider the source.  Aim for recommendations from your superiors (past managers and directors), customers and former clients.  Recommendations from peers and the “you do one for me and I do one for you” ones can boost your ego but are basically worthless.
  • You can change your settings so that your network is not notified every time you edit your profile.  Nacissists and perfectionists take note.
  • Use a professional and decent photo.  A photo of you skiing is only good if you are a ski instructor.  It shouldn’t be much of a challenge to outdo the ugly mug that sits atop this blog.
  • If you get bothered asking for a connection from someone you don’t know, you can answer their request as “I don’t know you”.  If they get 3 similar responses in a week, their account will be suspended.
  • You can set up your profile so that your WordPress blog is shown within it also.
  • Want to expand your network?  Look for a LION.  These Linked In Open Networkers have 500+ connections and are hubs that can increase your network exponentially.
  • Looking for a job or employee?  Try  This scans people’s recent updates and comments.

I couldn’t end without posting my own LinkedIn profile as well,  If you like this post or blog, don’t be shy, make a connection.

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