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CSS Nesting and Development

All web development CSS best practices guidelines will mention nesting your css.  It can often be tricky and time consuming getting the full CSS path for an element. If you miss out one element or make one mistake, there is … Continue reading

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MIX 11 Videos

Microsoft recently put their MIX 11 videos online.  There are enough talks here to last a year.  I definately recommend going to the page and scanning through their list of titles and watching whatever ones apply to your line of … Continue reading

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Great video – Time Management

The late, great Randy Pausch gives an entertaining and highly beneficial talk on time management in the Youtube video at There are many gems in the video that have helped me.  A selection are below: Most tasks in life … Continue reading

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Helper when dealing with old VB code

Many companies, including mine, old have older systems written in VB kicking around.  I fortunately don’t deal with them directly very often, but when I do, the Telerik code converter is a major help.  Rather than spend time converting bits … Continue reading

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Easily include a scrolling slideshow to add pizazz to a boring site

The jquery CrossSlide plugin is an easy to use and integrate tool that can make a plain site much more stunning and attractive to the eye. Complete details to use and download this plugin are at Previously, Flash was … Continue reading

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If you watch only one video on software development this year …

Legendary Bob Marin, gifted and often hilarious speaker, creator of the SOLID principles, amongst other accomplishments gives a brilliant and about 1 hour talk on Craftsmanship and Ethics in software development.  The YouTube video is below Many of the … Continue reading

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MVC 3 Validation

“I’m tired of making all my decisions based on what some idiot might possibly do.” – Bill Maher When the brilliant comedian Bill Maher made that joke 15 years ago, he wasn’t talking about software development, but life in general.  … Continue reading

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