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Best Free .net and Programming Videos online right now (April 2011)

With life being so busy, online tutorial videos have been a godsend.  Why waste an hour surfing channels watching crap TV, when you can watch a tutorial video.  For me, there great to watch if I’m eating something at home … Continue reading

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CSS Rounded Corners in 2011

Very fortunately, albeit lately, rounded corners attributes have been added to CSS.  CSS3 contains the attribute border-radius (e.g. border-radius: 15px;) which makes doing rounded corners on divs a breeze. Unfortunately, this is not backwards compatible with many browsers created before … Continue reading

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Dual Monitors

Various studies have shown that the use of dual monitors can increase productivity by values of 9, 30 and 44 percent. Some of these studies involved tasks where the user was exclusively doing copy-paste work the entire time. Another study … Continue reading

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Cross browser compatible web development

Making sure your web page is cross browser compatible is essential for public web development and important for private intranet development. Many developers I know work for companies whose internal systems require IE6 compatability. What can I say about IE … Continue reading

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Running multiple websites on XP Pro

If you are using Umbraco or Orchard for a CMS run website, you will unfortunately discover that they run under the Default Website of your PC. This prevents you from using this for multiple sites. There is a workaround however, … Continue reading

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Why start blogging?

Previously, I never considered blogging as I thought it was only for a small handful of leaders in the development community.  Further research has shown that it is a valuable activity that any good developer  should do.  Blogging benefits the … Continue reading

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